Mayfair Logistics
Birmingham, United Kingdom
[c][b]Here at Mayfair Logistics, we take pride in succeeding with our deliveries, whether its Heavy Cargo to General Waste Material, Mayfair Logistics are here for you! From city to city, country to country, wherever you go, we'll go.[/b][/c] Rules:


Bank £3973373
Number of employees 8
Number of deliveries 150
Number of road offences 1
Total distance driven 50123 mi


#1 Abdul786x 36100 mi
#2 Tucker2001 7781 mi
#3 Osas 4331 mi
#4 NathanC 856 mi
#5 JoKeRxTD 711 mi

Management Staff

1 Osas CEO, Driver Mercedes-Benz New Actros
2 Tucker2001 General Manager, Driver MAN TGX
3 Abdul786x Staff Manager, Driver Scania New S-Series


1 JoKeRxTD Driver Mercedes-Benz New Actros
2 NathanC Driver Scania New S-Series
3 Titan Driver Scania Streamline
4 LoganST Driver DAF XF 105
5 Butler Driver DAF XF 105